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Timber Appraisals

Growing timber is real estate. The valuation of timber requires an accurate inventory of the growing stock located on the property, both merchantable and premerchantable, and the knowledge of current market prices for timber products. Realty Services of Eastern Carolina, Inc. has access to experienced and qualified timber inventory specialists to provide a physical inventory of your property. Realty Services of Eastern Carolina, Inc. a General Certified Estate Appraiser and also a North Carolina Registered Forester with over 40 years of experienced in timber markets in North Carolina. Realty Services of Eastern Carolina, Inc. can provide its clients with an unbiased and accurate timber valuation.

Need For Timber Valuation

When a timberland property transfers ownership either through purchase, gift or inheritance, the current market value should be allocated between timber and land. This is especially true if a harvest of the timber is anticipated. The valuation is needed to determine the appropriate treatment of future income for tax purposes.

Timber prices can and do vary depending on tree species, size and current market demand for forest products. Timber prices can also vary seasonally. Other factors including access to the property and proximity to wood-consuming facilities are important in the valuation of timber. An experienced professional can assess the impact these and other factors should have on timber value. A current valuation of your timber resource prior to offering the timber for sale will insure you are obtaining a fair price. An independent evaluation of your timber resource will assist in a prudent decision with respect to the price and terms of a timber sale.

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